So far, Gordon and I are settling into the rotation well. There are definitely some cultural differences between Greece and the USA. A big difference is smoking. Here, smoking is something that everybody does. From restaurants to the hospital, everybody is always lighting up another cigarette. In the USA, I feel like smoking has almost a social stigma to it these days. The health hazards and bad effects of tobacco are so well known, that many people are not picking up the habit and those that have are quitting. Institutions in America with tobacco free campuses, definitely ensure that their employes quit and insurance companies driving up the price of health insurance for smokers is another initiative to quit. In Greece, or at least in Crete, everyone is smoking. The restaurants are packed with smokers, people are walking down the street smoking. When we got to the hospital and were being oriented, a resident asked us if we smoke. Neither of us do and we responded negatively. She showed us the doctors smoking rooms (in the hospital) anyways. The patients rooms also each have a terrace attached so the patients and relatives can have a cigarette break as well. That’s all for now! 

Until next time!



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