Gordon and I had the weekend off this weekend, so we hopped on a plane and flew to Athens for the weekend. It worked out perfectly – there was a late flight Friday night (10 PM) and a late flight Sunday so we’ll be back in time for work on Monday! The flight was quick, only 50min from Heraklion to Athens. We brought only his bookbag and my purse and booked a hotel room on expedia (thank goodness for the internet!) 


We got to Athens too late to do anything last night but got an early start this morning. We booked a hop on hop off tour this morning and spent the morning and afternoon touring Athens. We saw so many sights steeped in ancient history, with a HUGE metropolitan area surrounding it. A few of the sights we took in included the Arch of Hadrian, the temple of Zeus, and (an absolute must) the Parthenon. 


The Parthenon is set on top of an incredibly high/steep/treacherous hill, but we toughed it out and made it up there. 


The view of Athens was AMAZING! (And the Parthenon wasn’t too bad either!) We have a free walking tour of the acropolis tomorrow before hopping on our flight back to Crete. Until next time!




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