Yesterday was Greek Orthodox Easter. This past week there have been wind and thunder storms in Crete with the winds up to 40mph. We had booked a ferry from Crete to take us to Santorini this past weekend, but because of the 20+ feet waves that the winds were creating, our ferry was canceled. 



We, however, are not that easily dissuaded. We used our refunded ferry tickets to buy two flights on the first flight out of Heraklion to Santorini.  Because that’s what you should do in a wind storm, fly in an airplane. The flight was not for the faint hearted, but we made it two flights and five hours later. (Even though Crete is really close to Santorini, there are no direct flights so we connected through Athens.) We are staying on the Caldera, which overlooks both Fira and Oai. Oai is most recognizable, as it is the most photographed village in the world and the poster child for Greece. Everything in Santorini is white buildings with blue tops.



 It’s sunny and in the 70s. We visited one of the many black sand beaches, which stretched about 3 miles. Because of Easter, all the restaurants were grilling lamb on a spit over hot coals. (Also not for the faint of heart or any Lambchop’s Play Along fans). Gordon and I walked the beach and ate at one of the restaurants along the beach. As we waited to catch the bus back to Imerovigli (where our hotel is) we witnessed something very odd. A shirt filled with sawdust was strung up in the street. A crowd began to gather and Gordon and I stopped to watch. About 15-20 men with guns (shotguns and handguns) lined up and on cue started to shoot at the blue shirt until it was blown off of the line it was strung up by. Everyone in the crowd clapped and then everybody dispersed, leaving all their shotgun shells and casings on the ground. We literally had no idea what it was, if it was an Easter transition or military related. 


When we looked it up, we found that shooting off guns and fireworks on Easter at the time of Christ’s resurrection is very common and a pretty big source of Injuries on Santorini every year. 

Santorini was truly paradise. Gordon and I both love the outdoors and took the 10km walk from Fira to Oai (luckily our hotel was situated in the middle so we broke up the mountainous hike over two days.) At the bottom of Oai there is an area called the Ammoudi Bay. It was recommended that we eat there so we took the advise and sat down at one of the outdoor eating establishments. The fish was so fresh that the waiter actually took us into the kitchen to choose our own fish to eat. We had grilled grouper and it was tremendous! 



Until next time!



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