Today is Friday of our third week. While at the University of Crete, we have seen some really interesting cases. The case of visceral leishmaniasis was really interesting, and the patient is doing much better after the treatment with Amphotericin B. Because the hospital we are at is one of the largest hospitals in Crete, with the most resources, they see some of the rarest and severe patient cases. Today, we saw a 22 year old make with Steven Johnson syndrome, which was caused by some antibiotics that were administered at another facility. Although I’ve read all about Steven Johnson syndrome, I’ve never seen a case. There is also a 21 year old male with severe cerebral palsy who has been hospitalized with a respiratory tract infection for the past three weeks. After seeing pleural effusions on ultrasound yesterday, a thoracentesis was performed. Today, the results showed possible tuberculosis. We are currently awaiting further confirmation whether or not it is TB. These are just a few examples of many interesting cases that we’ve seen so far. 

On a completely unrelated side note, the food in Greece is delicious and very well priced! They also don’t seem to have the same qualms with unhealthy food that American hospitals have! I enjoyed a donut as big as my head today!  That’s all for now!



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