This weekend marks the end of our third week of the rotation. We’ve finally gotten into the swing of things at the hospital (right in time for our last week to begin!) We have a couple scholastic endeavors planned for the week including presenting a topic in front of the whole internal medicine department on Wednesday and a visit to the Alzheimer’s association of Heraklion on Tuesday night. 

This Friday, my parents came to Heraklion. Hooray! It was so nice to see some familiar faces! They also were amazing and brought us some peanut butter, which is a staple in our household but is impossible to find in Greece! Gordon and I talked my parents’ ears off for a full two days. We have family that lives in Sofia, Bulgaria that my parents have been visiting. Because our trips overlapped, they decided to spend some time in Greece as well. From Sofia, they drove to theseleniki, flew to Santorini, and then took a ferry into Heraklion to see us. 

On Saturday, we took them to Knossos which is 5km outside the city and is famous for its Minoan ruins. We took them on a brief tour of Heraklion, including Koules castle, Lions square, and the port of Heraklion. Sunday, we took a bus out of Heraklion about an hour west to the city of Rethymno. My favorite part was actually the bus ride. We traveled more inland into Crete than Gordon and I have been before and we’re able to see some of its mountainous countryside. It has been a very good visit with my parents and we’ll be very sad to see them go! 




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